Hearing Difficulties

In Home Hearing Testing

Hearing issues can affect anyone at any age, and can come in many forms. Learning about it is the first step, and calling us for hearing testing is the second.

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Signs you should take a hearing test


When people speak, it sounds like mumbling

It can become frustrating that people seem to speak in a mumble consistently. Or it could be your ears not working for you.


You ask others to repeat themselves, often

When you can't hear people, you ask them to say that again.


You have trouble following conversations

You feel self conscious about needing to ask someone to repeat themselves and you stop asking them repeat themselves which makes it hard to understand conversations.


The TV needs to be at a high volume

You need to have the TV volume set high to hear what actors are saying in movies and shows.

difficulty following conversations Clear Ears Hearing Test
Always need high volume tv Clear Ears Hearing Testing

How Hearing Testing Works

First we inspect your ears for any earwax blockages or any visible damage to your eardrums. Next we provide the hearing test to assess for hearing loss. Finally we discuss possible solutions if hearing loss is detected.

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