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Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner & Cerumen Management

Hi, I'm Raymond

My career in the hearing industry is over a decade long and began when the Costco I was working for opened up a hearing clinic. I was immediately drawn to the hearing industry because it combined my love of technology and my desire to help improve people’s quality of life.

After completing my Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner degree from MacEwan University, I was fortunate enough to work for several other clinics in Vancouver, Nanaimo, Courtenay, Comox and Campbell River. I worked hard to hone my skills and to become familiar with all the major hearing aid brands.

Two issues cropped up in each of the clinics I worked in. First, many clients cannot easily travel to clinics due to issues ranging from disability to living in places without transit. Second, many clients who needed hearing tests or hearing aid adjustments were sent away before receiving help to their doctor or a walk-in clinic for ear wax removal because the hearing clinics didn’t offer that service.

When I started my business, I knew I needed to offer earwax removal in addition to hearing tests in clients’ homes to solve these issues. I became certified in earwax removal, and the rest is history!

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Frequently asked questions

Why do ears produce earwax?

Earwax has many purposes, however it all comes down to protecting your ears. Specifically it
• traps dirt and dust
• carries dead skin cells and debris our of your ears
• protects against bacteria and fungal infections
• lubricates the ear canal
• protects the skin in the ear canal from getting irritated when water is in the canal

What causes over-production of earwax?

Narrow or bent ear canals, use of cotton swabs, hearing aids and ear plugs can all cause the ear to produce extra earwax. The ear produces wax to clean itself out, with the wax eventually exiting the ears. However all the above circumstances can block the ear canal, causing the ear to produce more wax to clean itself out. It's a snowballing cycle.

Can I use cotton swabs to clean my ears?

In a word, NO. Many people use cotton swabs to “clean” their ears. Unfortunately, cotton swabs usually end up pushing the ear wax further up into the ear. The ear the compensates by producing more wax which causes plugged ears and additional discomfort. Microsuction is the safest way to remove earwax, by a fully certified technician.

Is there a link between excess earwax and age?

In a healthy individuals, earwax exits the ears without assistance. As we age, our earwax becomes drier and harder which, in many older adults, creates a plug. This buildup can have many consequences including balance issues, hearing issues, moodiness and ear aches. Earwax removal is as important to your health as regular teeth cleanings.

When do I need to get my ears cleaned?

A small amount of ear wax is normal. It helps to keep the ear canal clean and free of debris. It also lubricates the ear canal. Some people have excessive ear wax. When that happens, it can cause symptoms such as: ear pain, ear odour, popping sounds or ear fullness. You should seek professional help when you have one or more of these symptoms.

Is there a relationship with earwax & tinnitus?

Some people with tinnitus report they are more aware of their tinnitus when their ears are full of wax. This is because the wax build up effectively blocks external sounds from reaching the ear drum, thereby making internal sounds more noticeable and louder . When this wax is removed, most people find their perception of tinnitus decreases.

Who is most at risk of impacted ear canals?

Hearing aid wearers and people who work or sleep with earplugs can be most at risk of an earwax blockage. The ear has limited time to naturally clear out the earwax before it is closed again with plugs. Industries like construction, manufacturing, airport, military, carpentry, and mining typically require hearing protection for their workers.

Does wearing hearing aids increase earwax?

Yes, the two seem to go together. Hearing aids help with hearing loss but in many cases, make the person produce more earwax in the body's effort to clean out the ear canals. However too much earwax can block the ear canal thereby muffling sounds and causing discomfort. This is why Clear Ears Mobile Hearing Clinic offers earwax removal services.

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