About us

We want to take away the barriers keeping you from getting hearing help

Not everyone in BC has equal access to health care

Individuals face many types of barriers when trying to access health care. Some have no vehicle, don’t live in a community with public transportation, and don’t live close to public services. Getting to an appointment can be an hours-long process or is costly when paying for taxis. Some adults no longer have a license and depend on others to bring them to their appointments. This might require the helpers to take time off work.

We’re here to remove some of those barriers by coming to your home to provide you with vital hearing health services. We only need a small space in your home to provide our services.

Founder & RHIP/C

My hearing practitioner journey started off when I saw Vancouver Island had absolutely no cerumen management specialist. I happily upgraded my education so I could learn how to fill this need safely. I became a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner so that I could help others with all their hearing needs. 

Furthermore, with so many of the hearing-challenged population reaching their golden years, I knew the best way to service my clients would be for my clinic to be mobile so I could come to them. Save yourself the hassle of booking time off work, driving through traffic, and parallel parking by inviting me into your home to assess your hearing challenges. Should ear wax build-up be causing hearing issues, I can resolve that in the same appointment. 

I want to help those most in need

Raymond Gilby


This appointment allows your and your loved ones voices and opinion to be heard to get the care that suits you best.


Getting help is the first step, we want you to feel empowered from taking your health seriously.

Gentle approach

We're very careful with your ears, especially if you're nervous or uncomfortable with doctors. Your comfort is our priority.

Modern Tech

Our hearing aid recomendations work with modern technologies, including your mobile phone and tablet.

For all to access the hearing health care they need, without barriers.
To come to those that need us most. We bring the specialist to you, including all items needed to address your hearing concerns.
What clients say
I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the fantastic service provided by Clear Ears and Raymond (for the second time) and I can't express enough how wonderful my experience was. Raymond is an absolute gem. He exudes patience, kindness, and a gentle approach that instantly puts you at ease.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Clear Ears and Raymond's service is the convenience. Having Raymond come to your front door is a game-changer. It's fast, easy, and incredibly convenient. No more struggling with traffic or waiting in crowded waiting rooms. Raymond's home visit service is a breath of fresh air in today's busy world.

After my experience with Clear Ears and Raymond, I can say with confidence that I wouldn't trust anyone else with my ear care. The level of care, professionalism, and convenience they provide is unparalleled. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of ear care. Thank you, Raymond, and Clear Ears, for your exceptional service and the peace of mind you've given me.
Shel Karpala

More than just a hearing practitioner

We care about your wellbeing